Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to Open Password Protected Zip File

Welcome to How to Open Password Protected Zip File.

Since Long Time i saw people are looking for solution for How to Open Password Protected Zip file, there are many site which use Password Protection for their data/files, user download that data but they not able to use it. There is a always a readme.txt file that please download the Password From Blah Blah sites.. but when user click on that they find a freaky survey that never be to complete, So i decided to find solution for this problem,

after a spending a few hours on Google i found the software that really works for Password Protected Zip File, So I decide to make a video of that and Share with all over worldwide

here is the video tutorial of How to Open Password Protected Zip file

Watch This Video Care fully and you will Learn How To Open Password Protected Zip file

Now The Main Thing A download Link,

This is a totally Free You don't Need To Complete any Freaky Survey , This is official Link Of the Software

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  1. due to lots of adds how can i download?

    1. Its a lot of add can't download it so can you help me please make it an easier way for me to download it

  2. i've downloaded it and when i open the aplication it said Encrypted ZIP files are not supported. Pls help

  3. How it works priyanka
    Did you switch format
    .zip to. Exe

  4. Lot of adds in download link

  5. Man I'm unable to download the s/w. It is just forwarding me to an advertisement price tagged page.

  6. these fucker is just making money with the ads these is fake mother fucker

  7. Hi,
    I used the software but I have a problem. The error is "Zip file is encrypted". Any idea to solve

  8. You have made nice post but you can know more about 7-zip (compressor/extractor) it at:

  9. sir,
    I have done as above, why the file becomes 0 bytes?
    can you help me? please

  10. Why is this lying? The program does not accept any format to open the file encrypted with a word, whether RAR or Zip
    The program statement does not support this formula. So any formula supports Hahaha ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟